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Good people can find themselves facing DWI or other criminal charges.  The legal system is complex and difficult to understand.  You probably don’t know where to start.  An experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney can help you understand your charges, any potential defenses, and all of your rights.

Rodd Tschida, J.D.
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Why choose our firm


We Have The Experience You Need

We recommend that your Minnesota criminal defense lawyer have roughly 20 years of experience practicing criminal law in the State of Minnesota. This is because state law has changed so much from 15 or 20 years ago. Thus, having a lawyer deeply involved in the practice of criminal law over this particular time frame will be of most benefit to today’s client.


We Relish the Thought of Research and Writing on Your Behalf

There can be no doubt that the most successful ingredient in winning criminal cases is spotting issues, and research and writing those issues. Rather than save these efforts for the rare client, we believe that every case has issues that require legal research. Our skills and enthusiasm in this area are unsurpassed. In fact, many very experienced Minnesota criminal lawyers often consult our firm with regard to legal issues in their clients' cases. This surfaced once again recently when Mr. Tschida discovered legal errors with respect to the Minnesota Implied Consent Advisory.


We Take Only a Limited Number of Cases

We will turn away a prospective client if we are too busy. Perhaps the number one disappointment criminal defendants have is that their lawyer was not attentive to their case. A prime example of this was the statewide source-code (Intoxilyzer) litigation. When that litigation ended in defeat, we had no pressure to resolve dozens upon dozens of cases at the same time, which was not at all conducive to successful outcomes for many of these defendants. In fact, most of our source-code clients later won their DWI cases on other grounds because of our Client-based decision to take on a limited number of those cases.

Client reviews

I made a bad decision and needed a top lawyer. I came across Rodd's information when i was researching laws applicable to DUI, refusal to submit to a breathalyzer and getting my license back. I was impressed to see Rodd's demonstrated knowledge and the fact that he has done scholarly research to challenge the laws that are in place today. He has a very deep understanding of the laws, is very articulate, very responsive and a great resource to have as an attorney.
Minneapolis, MN​
I was happy to have Rodd in my corner. I recommend Rodd Tschida. Rodd has been my attorney on a couple occasions and I have also recommended him to friends. Rodd works hard to get the best possible outcome for his clients, myself included. He is always honest and doesn't sugar coat or stretch the truth about what he can do for you. Rodd is very knowledgeable about the law and is well known around the courtroom. He is quick to respond to questions/concerns and flexible about meeting with you to discuss your case. Rodd is working very hard on a case that I have pending right now, and I wouldn't want any other lawyer on my side.
Danielle B.
Hopkins, MN
My Thoughts on Rodd Tschida - Rodd, in my opinion was the most well rounded most easy to talk to ,and professional, yet understanding of my situation. He agreed on a price, and even though ,it turned out to be quite a lot more to resolve than anyone anticipated, Rodd stuck with me. I am not an easy person to help, most people have had enough of me right away, Rodd stuck to his word and got me an outcome that I would not have believed when I hired him.Hats off, and I thank Rodd!
northern, Minnesota
The best decision I have made. Hiring Rodd to handle a criminal case involving my daughters father was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Rodd was knowledgeable, experienced, easy to work with, trustworthy and more important than any of these items he was compassionate and really cared about all that we were going through. I highly recommend Rodd, he really knows his stuff and truly cares about his clients. 
Minneapolis, MN
Excellent and Trustworthy - Rodd handled my DUI / DWI matter. Rodd Tschida has represented me and many of my family members over the last 10 years. Rodd has gained the trust from my family because he has consistently worked his tail off to achieve results which were unexpected and beyond expectation. Rodd never looks to take the easy way out and accept the easy settlement, he will keep fighting on his clients behalf until he gets the best possible result.
Jeff P.
St. Louis Park, MN​
Great Attorney - Rodd did a great job representing my case. He got my DWI reduced to a speeding ticket (seriously, just a speeding ticket) and got my license revocation overturned. He was profession in representing me, listened to my side of the case, and was compassionate to my situation. He understood the law and found an opportunity where the arresting offer had made a mistake. This is huge in my profession. Every year I have file an annual compliance report that asks if I have various things on my record for the last 10 years. Every year I am able to avoid extensive follow up with the compliance committee since I am able to answer "No, I do not have an alcohol related offense in the last 10 years". Rodd was a career saver!
Mark S.
New Brighton MN
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