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Arrested for DWI or Refusal?

Fast License Reinstatement May Be Available

Keep your record clean and your license valid on a Minnesota Traffic Ticket, including but not limited to:

*Note: Minnesota’s new Expungement Law will also afford the basis to expunge Petty Misdemeanors.  Mr. Tschida successfully lobbied the Legislature for this important change mainly due to the damage that petty theft routinely causes for one’s employment prospects.  [While theft is always a crime in Minnesota, it is often offered to be resolved as a petty misdemeanor in court but the record left behind is generally treated the same way by employers and others].*

Expungements:  Sealing of a Past Criminal Record for Employment, Housing, or Other Legitimate Reasons

The new Expungement law has now gone into effect (January 1, 2015).  Given the sweeping changes to the law, and because some of the provisions are likely changing again soon, it is highly recommended that each individual consult legal representation ASAP to determine the best avenue for expungement that is applicable to their precise situation.   

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