Drug Charges

When you are facing drug charges, you need an experienced controlled substance attorney. The choice you make for your attorney makes a big difference.canstockphoto12382758

Addiction should be Treated as a Disease

Often times, the first step in building a strong case against drug charges is seeking treatment. This shows the court that you are taking responsibility for yourself, and do not present a danger to the community.

Drug Charges require a Criminal Lawyer with Tremendous Constitutional Law Experience and Wisdom

The Constitution offers a great deal of protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. We will fight to suppress the evidence that the State has against you, and any evidence related to the charges against you.

You Need an Experienced Defense Attorney that Understands how Drug Cases are Investigated

Drug investigations are often built upon the information from what police call a “confidential informant.” You need an attorney that understands why a snitch is cooperating with law enforcement and the trial experience to attack the reliability and credibility of the snitch, or the information they have given police in pursuit of a search warrant. Let me fight for you to get the truth out about what snitches and their frequently questionable “cooperation” with police.

Non-Conviction Dispositions

Rodd Tschida provides his clients with exceptional defense of their rights against all drug charges. He is committed to helping his clients through trial and litigation, and by pursuing creative resolutions to their cases, including the use of deferred prosecutions and drug court. No case is too big or too small for dismissal, or creative resolution.

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